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Well hello text overload... where do we look first? Dark images in the background, the ever popular arial... PLUS a huge logo to help confuse the eyes... how can you not love this design. We're able to see the amazing quality of photography (lol) with the amazing quality of design skills. Oh what a logo you have there.

  1. MP says:

    The photographer/designer did a market research first, but forgot to include the 147 hour - 100 airbrushed photos - 2000 $ offer


  2. Sarah says:

    I bet $20 that by "airbrushed" they mean blurry.


    • ChickenWire says:

      Probably, have seen some pretty bad airbrushing, it would be better to just leave it alone, skin never looks that bad at 800px...(which is where most photos go anyway)


  3. Eje says:

    Uhm.. Someone seemed to fail math class.
    6photos 32.5/ea
    10 photos 27/ea
    15 photos 30/ea
    20 photos 27.5/ea

    and extra photos at $20/ea. 10 photo package with 5 extra photos please ;) 370 vs 450.... ohh well did we expect anything better?


  4. Chris says:

    That's horrid but it isn't Arial