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Whitespace fail


Pushed through a friend's door today.
I've put adverts as I think it is an advert for a church, I'm not really sure!

  1. Hobbyist says:

    Poor person spent all that time on something absolutely NO one will take the time to try to read.


  2. lenny says:

    Lol, For a class the professor once let us use cheat sheets, he only let us use what we could get onto one side of a sheet of paper. This looks remarkably similar to mine, even down to the religious pics just in case I needed to pray for an A. Just kidding, but for reals this looks like a get into heaven cheat sheet.


  3. christa says:

    This looks like the verbiage (and whitespace fail) that appears on bottles of Dr. Bronner's soap. I can't read it without busting up laughing.