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lmao website

This website is like Inception... If you can click on the link buried beneath the other link which is overlapped by yet another link, Leonardo DiCaprio will show up or something.

  1. Angie says:

    oh dear lord.


  2. Carrie says:

    holy headache!


  3. Hillary says:

    This is classic! It's the website for a bridal gown boutique. The story I heard (which probably isn't true) is that a relative was commissioned to make the site, but he/she became disgruntled and took a lot of drugs. If you click in the right places, you can find trippy poems about being on LSD or Mescaline or whatever.


  4. nekosonik says:

    jajajajajajaja i think this could be an epilepsy massive attack in japan


  5. James says:

    If you want to see a real epilepsy inducing retro site, check out the site for Ling's Cars. It's so garish and chaotic that I actually like it. When I first saw it I though oh noooos, this is so lame, but 10 minutes later I had actually warmed to it and to Ling herself. It's homely and charming. This, however, is just plain hideous.


  6. A client once asked me to do something similar to this because he wanted the design to be 'so snazzy that it pops out of the page.' Wut?