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Twenty-toed beauty!


Such a lovely girl! If only she had a real shadow and less toes. *sigh*

  1. ChickenWire says:

    Shadow looks legit...

    Where to I submit photos by the way?

    This one is a keeper:


  2. Anonymous says:

    That's just the way the shoe is designed, it's a platform. There aren't extra toes.... confused?


    • Lizz says:

      That's what I thought, too. It's just the way the shoe is designed... I, too, am confused.


  3. SL says:

    Not sure I see the 20 toes?


  4. Stefanie says:

    Well, for one thing, the shoes aren't 'peep-toes' at all. Otherwise, not seeing 20 toes.


  5. BCT says:

    she has a showgirl on her leg... classy.... that may be were the other 10 toes are


  6. Konkbonckles says:

    If you look closely, the shoes don't actually match in design/build, and the leg shadow goes all the wayto the edge of the knoll/area she's posing on


  7. julie says:

    This photograph is fine. Flash units sometimes push shadows out in this way. I've had it happen personally. And yes, the shoes are designed that way. I almost bought a similar pair!


  8. Athena says:

    Double Platform shoes, while hideous... are quite popular right now. Check out these "beauties":

    Also, the shadow couldn't be from an on-camera flash from that direction. Look how normal the exposure on her leg is! The light is coming from behind her. She would be WAY more washed out with the amount of light that is already hitting her and that's in the "background" for that amount of shadow to have appeared in the middle of the day. The flash would have to have been really bright and the rest of the photo wouldn't have been exposed this way.


  9. martha says:

    are you guys for real?? first of all, the sunlight is shining from the back of the model, therefore the shadow should be in front of her.. it's not. also the blue sign upright on the right has an area that's pulled left.. a side effect of smudging or liquefying the models tummy to tuck it in at that spot. shape her all you want, but don't leave what amounts to an arrow pointing out that you did so! finally, can't blame this site for thinking the double-bottom shoes were a result of a poor cut and paste, when there are so many other glaring errors.


    • jackd says:

      We sure can blame him, considering how clueless the site runner has shown themselves to be over at the photography website.