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Trainwreck Ahead…!


Cancun Cantina is actually a cool bar in MD, but if you took a look at their Facebook page, you'd think you were lost in a redneck strip club... If you want tacky and retina burning, their photos, ads, and website won't disappoint. Day-glo, geocities-era web design, and photoshop (and photography in general) gone totally awry... Everyone is orange, but oddly, this bar isn't in New Jersey. Surprise! Their website is "designed" by none other than their "Photographer"! He's got a gem of his own...

  1. Circlek says:

    WOW! Geocities circa 1995 is right. Wow, that hurt just going to the different websites.


  2. Canaduck says:

    "At the Cancun Cantina, we don't respect women OR basic aesthetics!"