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Too Many Hands

too many hands

With 30% off fleece tops, maybe Triple-arm-Dad can afford to buy two of them and Mom can whip him up a triple-arm-sweater!

  1. amber says:

    The other hand belongs to the little girl lol.


    • Angela says:

      Hello! He has one on the mom's shoulder and two hanging down. Actually look at the whole picture.


  2. Shelby says:

    It's obviously the girl's hand....


    • LOLZ says:

      Wow, NOT the little girl's hand, the one on mom's shoulder, the one around the little girl, the one hanging by his side. smh.


  3. Teresa says:

    I thought that's what they were referring to also, but the extra hand is on the ladies' shoulder.


  4. Jesika says:

    The hand on the mms shoulder guys, obvi that's not the little girls


  5. Melissa R. says:

    No, Amber and Shelby...I thought that at first too. The extra hand is across mom's shoulder! I love Jay Leno's headliners.


  6. nope says:

    Look on the left shoulder (our left) of the woman in red, dummies...


  7. Tori says:

    Wrong side... He has his right hand at his side and also on woman's shoulder.


  8. Tina says:

    It is so obvious that that is Thing. The Addams' look a little different, but Thing has aged well.


  9. amber says:

    That extra hand could come in handy... lol


  10. Mathieu Perry says:

    Actually guys, I hope the moderator reads this, the real irony here is that the add wasn't photographed with any more skill than the fauxtogs that this site is famous for ragging on! I mean please! Brewster's angle, lens distortion, missed the exposure by about 1/3 of a stop. And the obvious, pixelation and low resolution. I am not asking for professional flatwork, a good scan would have sufficed. This is a half-hearted Walmart effort.


    • jess says:

      seriously....? it's a scan or a cell phone pic of a sunday clipper magazine...of course it looks like shit. guaranteed the Professional Photographer was totally out of the loop on the bad editing job that went on. Mr. Perry, you have proven yourself to be a complete douchebag with you comment. Congrats.


      • Jim G. says:

        1/3 of a stop. Really.


      • Anonymoose says:

        Shame he isn't actually looking at this piece. It clearly says TARGET-forget the two obviously placed bullseye logos of their's [one of those even saying Target]. And as you have said, it is a cell phone pic-you can tell by the distortion of the paper and you can see the side over there on the bottom right hand.

        Though I will say this-I hope the moderator reads this and perhaps adds a circle around that extra hand ON THE WOMANS SHOULDER [the one next to the boy] All these people are bugging out because they think they mean the little girl's hand.

        Not that they are bothering to read these other comments here apparently...


    • M says:

      This is not But I see your point.


  11. Olivia says:

    You all are retarded. There's an arm on the shoulder.


  12. Martin says:

    While it's not okay to overlook something like this as a Graphic Designer, the design itself isn't that bad.

    If you want to start a website called or, ask graphic or web designers, we have thousands upon thousands of examples for you. Most of which we are asked to use as a framework for the sites we're making much to our disgust.

    I see someone has already bought Too obvious.


  13. Chantal says:

    OMG lollllllll

    I can't beleive nobody saw that before printing!!!


  14. John s says:

    You are all goofballs. Amber and Shelby were joking the 3rd hand on the shoulder belongs to the little girl(who would have a hell of a arm). And critizing the photographer? just enjoy this for what it is.


    • MW says:

      No, they were looking at the girl's [real] arm wrapped around her body and didn't notice the hand on the shoulder at first. I did the same think at first glance!


  15. Observor says:

    Come on folks, it's obviously an ad for that new freakshow three armed hoodie.


  16. Kelly says:

    In addition to Dad, The 3-Handed Hoodie-Man, if you look at the prices in the red boxes and compare them to the prices listed on the top right they don't match. Not a single one. A true mess of an ad!


  17. Kelly says:

    Plus, who the hey nonny decided Crazy Cackling Mom who is interacting with Stoic Dad who is totally not acknowledging her existence (except with the random hand) was a good choice for this ad? She looks like a nutter!!


  18. Sequals3 says:

    The little girl is obviously the never-talked-about daughter of Elastigirl. That is her hand....all the way over there! /sarcasm

    For you idiots who are too dumb to get the sarcasm.


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