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Suit Up


How did this make it to print?

Gone to the Dogs


These puppies all look so happy...and so fake. Also, they blend right into the grass.

Whitespace fail


Pushed through a friend's door today. I've put adverts as I think it is an advert for a church, I'm not really sure!

You Dirty Bride

you dirty bride you

Wedding photography is their specialty? Really? The guy's expression is perfect for what his wife appears to be doing I guess.



Wow, it's like she's actually feeding a deer, other than it looks totally fake.

Who What When Where


Well hello text overload... where do we look first? Dark images in the background, the ever popular arial... PLUS a huge logo to help confuse the eyes... how can you not love this design. We're able to see the amazing ...

“Put A Crane On It!”

Screen Shot 2012-05-08 at 8.57.36 AM

Need some design for your website? "Put a crane on it!" Need some resemblance of a logo? "Put a crane on it!" Want to add a graphic element to your website? "Put a crane on it!" Trying to spruce up your website? "Put ...

HOT Wheels


HOT Wheels shame about the face.

Twenty-toed beauty!


Such a lovely girl! If only she had a real shadow and less toes. *sigh*

Pimpin Through The Snow

his sled is a basket

Check out this kid! He's sledding through the sky in a freaking basket while chatting away on his cellphone. Pretty amazing.

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