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Lightning Strikes Angel


There's just so much wrong, I don't know where to begin.

  1. Dave says:

    Seriously, who in their right mind would think this passes for work that someone would pay for? This is god-awful-crap.


  2. forshame says:

    What saddens me is that most of these "professionals' don't have education and years of skills. They assume because their parents bought a graphics program such as CS6 that they're not qualified to work on graphic design.

    Sadly, people assume this is also good work and pay through the nose for it. Well, not my money lost.


  3. Melissa says:

    First of all, the grammar is incorrect. Second, you can't have lightning without cloud and I feel bad for the dog and cow being electrocuted. And those are just common sense problems, not in-depth graphic design knowledge.


  4. Geoffrey says:

    Looks like special effects from the classic American TV series, Captain Video and His Video Rangers. I use the word "classic" because "really, really old - like right after television was invented" sounds as if I would have to be really, really old to recall its production values from watching it live. Which I'm not. Old, that is. And my geriatrician will attest to it..


  5. Nora S. says:

    Now hold on a sec, I can see what's going on here! It's a story!

    Duder is dead farmhand, but refuses to accept it because he was so attached to his cows. Chickiepoo is an angel, sent by God, to take him to paradise, and Toby the Hover Dog is her trusty companion. Well, God was so mad that Duder wouldn't leave the mortal realm, that he sent Chickiepoo and Toby down down to Earth in a fury of lightning, "accidentally" striking a few of the cows to persuade Duder.

    Makes sense to me, anyway.