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Hawk Groom

hawk groom

Look, Hawk Groom is whisking his bride away on their honey moon. Unfortunately the bride doesn't look pleased about their mode of transportation.

  1. Amber says:

    Holy what the fuck....There has to be an inside joke behind this...


  2. Naw man says:

    A giant white bag with a head and wings! Oh, wait....


  3. mercurial ohearn says:

    this is hilarious! perfect, even. well, almost perfect; i'd take some points off for the apparent image corruption at the bottom.


  4. Sarah says:

    The groom has it all wrong. You have to carry the bride the other way, so she's more aerodynamic. Have we learned nothing from Ospreys?!?


  5. melissa says:

    imagine telling this couple to pose for this photo... "okay now you bend over. and you get behind her like you're humping her leg... oh don't worry I'm going to make you look like you're being kidnapped by your husband the hawk."


  6. blabla says:

    the grooms leg is photoshopped... :D Im sure it was straight before adding that 100% black color :P


  7. Lisa B says:

    With the angle of the wings they are actually only attached at his right shoulder, not in the middle like one would hope they would be...

    (and that's just the strangest - wait, scratch that - there's too much strange)


  8. Lizz says:

    Aw, come on - this one is adorable. :P
    Feel like I would see this on arrested development or something...