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Fail Flyer


The best thing about this flyer is that you can barely even read what it says, and if you do figure it out, it doesn't really make sense anyway.

  1. Editormum says:

    OMG! Too many fonts!!
    Just because you have them doesn't mean you should use them ALL at one time!
    And really, aren't you supposed to be able to read the event info? SMH.


  2. Chris Kenworthy says:

    this looks like pretty much every club event flyer i've ever seen. it might still be dark, but if you see the "white" boarder you'll realize the photo is too dark. taking a crappy, mixed lighting, cell phone picture of a flyer isn't a good way to judge the readability. As far as the fonts go, the 2 at the top are for promotion companies, and the event name probably all have set typefaces they use, so that aside there's only 2 fonts being used in the rest of the flyer.


  3. Salzie says:

    The biggest mistake they've made is using the same font in the & in "outbreak entertainment & wonked present" as they used in the event name. Yeah... then there's more mistakes but hell.... That's a shocker.