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Who's willing to bet that their actual stores are as messy as their website?

“Put A Crane On It!”

Screen Shot 2012-05-08 at 8.57.36 AM

Need some design for your website? "Put a crane on it!" Need some resemblance of a logo? "Put a crane on it!" Want to add a graphic element to your website? "Put a crane on it!" Trying to spruce up your website? "Put ...

“A Fresh Take on Websites”


Where to begin. Oh, I know. *Cocks gun into mouth*


lmao website

This website is like Inception... If you can click on the link buried beneath the other link which is overlapped by yet another link, Leonardo DiCaprio will show up or something.

Prints Charming

awful website 2

We really think the animated American Flag made this site something special! Of course it's another fauxtog's site, you can even see some of their photos over on YANAP.