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Archive for the ‘Photoshop’ Category

HOT Wheels


HOT Wheels shame about the face.

Pimpin Through The Snow

his sled is a basket

Check out this kid! He's sledding through the sky in a freaking basket while chatting away on his cellphone. Pretty amazing.

Butterfly Face

butterfly face

Yep, "unique" is the nicest word you could use to describe whatever this is...

Matrix Boudoir

matrix boudioir

I wonder if they took the red pill or the blue pill before shooting and editing this masterpiece?

Legs To The Moon

Screen shot 2012-04-28 at 1.02.43 PM

Caption should read, "check out this photo that my friend Ruben made ridiculous for me!"

Baby Bug Juice

bug juice

Dink up everyone! Lots of baby lady bug juice to go around!

Glass of Ick

glass of ick

This really is horrible in every way possible!

Hawk Groom

hawk groom

Look, Hawk Groom is whisking his bride away on their honey moon. Unfortunately the bride doesn't look pleased about their mode of transportation.

Bubble Baby

bubble baby

Someone stop that baby, he's about to eat a bubble with his tiny twin in it!

Look What He Can Do

surfs up

Wow he can surf, snowboard and hold up a race car with just a finger! He also claims to be a photographer and graphic designer. What can't this guy do? Well, all those things according to this.

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