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Archive for the ‘Photoshop’ Category

Flower Power


Nature's tough... Be tougher!

Flat Butt No Hand


Yea that cut-out job looks natural! That must be one fluffy rug...

Mystical Perfection

mystical perfection

The only thing mystifying here is how anyone could think this was anywhere near perfection...

Fairy Bad

fairy bad

Sorry, it really wasn't worth it...

Obviously a Type Pro


It's a good thing people have 15 minutes to stand there and read that poster...unless they die of a migrane from lack of whitespace first. :/

Trainwreck Ahead…!


Cancun Cantina is actually a cool bar in MD, but if you took a look at their Facebook page, you'd think you were lost in a redneck strip club... If you want tacky and retina burning, their photos, ads, and ...

Lightning Strikes Angel


There's just so much wrong, I don't know where to begin.

Gone to the Dogs


These puppies all look so happy...and so fake. Also, they blend right into the grass.

You Dirty Bride

you dirty bride you

Wedding photography is their specialty? Really? The guy's expression is perfect for what his wife appears to be doing I guess.



Wow, it's like she's actually feeding a deer, other than it looks totally fake.

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