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Bubble Baby

bubble baby

Someone stop that baby, he's about to eat a bubble with his tiny twin in it!

  1. Wsroadrunner says:

    The horrors of fauxtography never end....

    Poor kid will be scarred for life


  2. Amanda van der Walt says:

    Wow, he is so good with the eraser tool. How sad.


  3. Kimmy B. says:



  4. sarah says:

    the told me I could be anything....


  5. jo says:

    the colored kid's left eye is dissolving, too


  6. Christy says:

    Can you all please post your websites so we all can check out and criticize your work? I would absolutley LOVE to see some! I'm not a designer either. I found this page while trying to find a graphic designer. I thought I might find some information so I wouldn't get ripped off, but instead I found a page that just steals other people's pictures and work, and degrades them on the internet. That kid isn't going to be scarred as much by the person who created this picture than by all of you stealing it, posting it here, and making fun of it! Way to go guys!!!! Woo Hoo!!